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Top Tips For Deck Waterproofing

Top Tips For Deck Waterproofing

Deck WaterproofingAdding a deck to your home would not only make it more beautiful, it also costs less than adding another room. It could also increase the value of your property. However, the biggest problem would be safeguarding your deck since it is usually made of wood. Waterproofing could help your deck stay beautiful and safe.

Wood can lose its strength if it is constantly exposed to water and extreme sunlight. Repetitive exposure to these elements could cause wood to expand and contract which can compromise the deck’s safety.

Waterproofing would help protect wood properties and makes it last longer. Construction companies apply sealers and necessary products on the materials before construction is done. Such sealants and products would keep the wood dry free from water stain, rotting, fungi growth and other organisms which could cause the wood to decay.

You could easily do deck waterproofing on your own. There are products which you could buy and easily apply on your deck. But when doing the sealing on your own, be sure to waterproof under the deck. Here are some things that you would need when waterproofing:

• Cleaner
• Sprayer or roller
• Waterproofing sealant (number of cans would depend on the size of your deck)
• Paint brushes

Consult a waterproofing expert or ask the hardware store for any recommendations on what sealant you could use. You could also research about good products on the internet. There are different websites you could check for customer feedbacks about the product.

Before you start taking out of your sealant cans, make sure to clean the deck first. Remove the dirt and the possible debris by sweeping it running cloth, making the surface smooth. Clear the area of things, like furniture and ornaments, which could accidentally get sealants.

When applying the sealant on the deck:

• Make sure to read the instructions on the waterproofing sealant clearly.

• You could use the roller and sprayer to apply the waterproof sealant.

• Evenly apply the waterproofing material. Don’t worry if you are applying too much. This would keep the wood really protected.

• Let it dry for at least 15 to 30 minutes, or whatever is stated in the instructions of the product before making any movements that will expose the deck to dust and other kinds of debris. It could take 48 hours or more before the deck gets completely dry, avoid using and even walking on it during this period.

Aside from waterproofing the surface of the deck, what happens underneath is also important. Usually, waterproofing under the deck would require attaching a vinyl ceiling which would divert the water towards the gutters. This would create a dry space under the deck which could be maximized for storage.

There are several decks that have two and three levels, waterproofing the ceiling of each level is important. When properly installed, it could definitely protect the deck and house’s structure from water elements. It could also protect the furniture or things stored below the deck. Check out our shop to find just the right wood sealers for your project. 

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